Roll call for Nashville edition backers


Hello backers who pledged for the Nashville edition. Please take a couple moments and respond back to this thread.

Have you received a loaner from Artiphon?

Have you reached some other resolution with the company?

Has an ETA been communicated?

I have reached my wits end with Artiphon. I’ve been waiting patiently for years now for my Nashville edition with case. It was originally planned as a Christmas gift for my daughter, I have long since given up on that.

I have emailed and been told now on multiple occasions that a loaner standard instrument would be shipping to me in the next few days, and nothing has ever come.

Perhaps it is time for all of us to band together and seek legal representation? It kills me to see Artiphon available on Amazon Prime when I pledged a premium to help support this company and have received nothing in return.

Artiphon you should be ashamed of yourselves.


Morris, even though they keep giving technical delay excuses, this is obviously financially-based. Though I did agree and received the “loaner,” I suspect that this might be my only reward for my more than sizeable contribution. I am sorry you are having trouble receiving yours though, looks like the financial downfall has affected regular I1 production and not just the special run of Nashville’s. I too have been getting the same stories for the last year, and have been promised time after time that my Nashville case (without the Nashville…) would be sent promptly. Must be pretty bad if they can’t even produce and deliver paid for cases and straps…

I am going to give them a little more time to hopefully find some financial backers, but yes, legal representation will be in order if not. Keep me in the loop as I will you!



Just got the template response that’s been on the forum forever not 5 minutes ago.


Update to my original post. Artiphon shipped out a white Instrument 1 to our home and it arrived just before Christmas.

Thank you Artiphon for listening, and for at least fulfilling your original promise of sending the standard version Instrument 1 while we wait for our Nashville edition.

Good luck with production/financial issues. We look forward to receiving our Nashville Case/Strap, and Nashville edition instrument eventually. We’ll remain patient.


Hello Morris,

I too have been waiting for the Nashville Edition. I did not get a loaner as I didn’t want something less than what I paid for. No ETA or correspondence have been made to me since April of 2017. I have not received any of the accessories that they promised either. At this point, I have lost all interest in this product and just want a refund. Legal representation may be the only way to get anything back. Please let me know if you do decide to go this route as I would be in on that.




I’m about ready to initiate legal action here in California, though I’ve contacted Artiphon to give them one last chance to come clean. I’ll probably contact my credit card company first to see if they can force a refund, otherwise I’ll likely be filing a lawsuit. Anyone interested in further information please feel free to contact me about your legal options and I’ll be happy to assist pro bono where I can, I’ve been a practicing trial lawyer for eight years now.

Artiphon, you tried to rip off the wrong person. Make this right to all of us Nashville backers or I will take the necessary legal actions and let the courts compel you to do so.


hey friends: not getting the Nashville edition is a big disappointment.
{I’m in Nashville, so it stings a little more bitterly…}

But I know the Artiphon founders, and two things of which I am certain:

  1. They’re not trying to rip anybody off.
  2. No one is more disappointed about the Nashville Edition delays than Mike, Jacob and their team.

Some very astute observations in this thread, and I’ll add mine.
The technical issues are legit - they weren’t going to ship something sub-standard.
The financial issues are legit - they challenge every startup, and Artiphon is no different.
Customer commitments like “put the I1s in backers’ hands by the 2017 holidays” meant spending a fortune because production delays forced them to fulfill as many orders as possible via air freight at the holidays.
All those play a part in the Nashville Edition delays…
…but I stress “delays.”

After visiting the team and some candid conversations, I am confident there will be a Nashville edition, but not as soon as any of us would like. The lack of communication has been a problem, but there also has not been a lot to tell…

I’d encourage anybody to reach out to Mike for a conversation about the status of the Nashville Edition, and while you’re at it, get him to talk about their big ideas for democratizing creativity, education and growing the community. Maybe cold comfort for those of us who want a shiny new Nashville I1, but it connects you to the people involved, not just a product.

play well, y’all…


Thanks for your insights Jody. Hoping the Artiphon team answers many of the concerns and provides a status update (it seems communication is lacking here). I am not a “Nashville Edition” backer but hope that ALL backers of the Instrument 1 get what they paid and hoped for.

I am enjoying the great efforts thus far related to performance, the app and other areas (training videos etc). Sincerely hoping that the fulfillment of the promise to deliver a “Nashville Edition” comes to pass. After all a supported user base builds integrity (and hopefully the overall user base).