Shockwave: monophonic MPE phase distortion synth from Kai Aras


A second iOS MPE synth from Kai Aras, who gave us Volt: Shockwave is a phase distortion synth like Nikolozi’s NPD, but is unusually a monophonic “single-channel MPE” synth. (I’m not entirely sure what single channel means here; you play it with your I1 set to multichannel as usual.) Extremely beefy-sounding, with some very impressive patches by Jacob Haq (who has an enthusiastic video about it); half price on launch.

I had a bit of trouble getting it to work with the I1 in standalone mode and initially found it only worked when routed through MidiFire for some reason, but the problems mysteriously went away after I connected a Seaboard Block over Bluetooth MIDI (which also didn’t work at first, then as mysteriously did). MPE seems currently only to work in standalone, not in AUv3, but there’s a button for it so I think this is an initial glitch.