Slide on PC Vsti with single midi channel question


Hi , I’ve just bought an Instrument 1 and I was curious how to set it up to use it as a slide guitar
I’m using ( on PC W10) - Reaper daw , Real Gtr vsti . I created a preset on Editor within Guitar ->Fretless -> Slide -> Midi single channel and I saved it on first user preset . Restarted instrument 1 , closed editor , opened Reaper with Real Gtr . When I press any key on instrument 1 I can hear the correct sound but there’s no way to slide a note at all , notes are playing one by one.
Is it possible to have a slide sound in a single midi channel or do I have to use MPE ?
If yes, how to set it up?
Thanks for your help


Yes, slide is MPE-only, so I don’t think there’s a way to get it to work in Reaper – though I’m not a Reaper or indeed Windows user myself, and others here may know of Ableton/Kontakt-style kludges that would do the job. It does sound great when you get it working, particularly with big synth patches.


Hey Ramp,
Nick is seldom wrong and always helpful so I hesitate to add anything, but it seems to me I was sliding notes in single channel mode just today. The most important thing is setting the pitch bend range to match in the receiving sound source. You just have to find this setting in Reaper and set it to 12 or 24, whatever your settings for the instrument 1 are. But down the line you’ll definitely want to delve into MPE… till then happy sliding.
Good luck


Yup, Terry is completely right and I was talking utter wibble – anything that lets you set the pitch bend range will let you do slides in single channel mode. The I1 editor has three available values (12, 24, and 48); in general you’ll get best results by setting the highest of those available in your sound source, but all will work so long as the PB settings in the I1 editor and Reaper (or whatever you’re hosting in it) match. A dab of coconut oil will counteract the slight resistance of the I1 rubber (and make your studio space smell disorientingly unlike stale sweat).


While I’m correcting my earlier misinformation, I see that while Roger Linn doesn’t list Reaper among MPE-compatible DAWs, ROLI’s corresponding page does and offers some (understandably ROLIcentric) instructions that may be of help.


Got it, thanks for your replies and your kind support