Start Up With Ableton Live


Can anyone send me a link to the Artiphon + Ableton Live getting started video ? Many thanks


The one I remember isn’t a video but a walkthrough with screenshots that Arne did; I found it really helpful when starting out in Ableton. Also check out the Ableton template at the bottom of the Artiphon downloads page. You’ve probably seen Taetro did some performance videos with the I1 & Ableton, of which this one has some tips on how he uses them together.


Hey Jezzy,

We saw your post and decided it’s time for us to make a new Ableton Live + INSTRUMENT 1 tutorial (probably a simple 5-minute overview for now). I’d love to know what you or anyone else would like to see covered in it. How in depth would you like it to go?

And of course, I can answer any questions you have if you want to post them here, too. Definitely not trying to make you wait for our video to be produced to get answers : )



I would like to see a tutorial showing how to set up Ableton and the I1 and loading instruments to create sounds similar to these in this youtube video:

The Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1
Red Means Recording


Yes, the “fake MPE” wheeze shown here at 5’30", with multiple instances of the same instrument on different channels, is a key technique (also for things like Kontakt) and would be a great thing to cover in a video.

Not one of his Artiphon ones, but this other one of Jeremy’s videos is one of my favourite demonstrations of MPE at work; everything he’s doing with the ROLI kit here can be done with the I1 with Noise AU or Seaboard standalone (except that with Seaboard you need to remap tilt to CC74 for the stuff he’s doing up and down the key length).