Still waiting for my pledge to be fulfilled! (Not Nashville edition)


For the last 6 months or so, every email I send to Kickstarter says “it will be a few weeks” this is going back to before xmas time.

Well all I want is the second of my duet pack, a white gig edition.

My last email received no response, what kind of shitty customer service is this ?

Fulfill my pledge,

Chris Danvers


Hi Chris, we are tracking down your order and you will receive your order within a few days. We apologize for the mixup.


Are you sure your e-mail even went thru? Looks like you got a response within 24 hours on the forums. I only say this because I’ve never had them not respond within a business day.


.Still waiting arne. It’s a waiting game. 5 months is a long time to think they still haven’t honoured my pledge.

What more can I do, I’ve emailed over 10 time now I reckon.


Hi Chris, we have found your order and we are processing it now. Please expect your Instrument 1 to arrive within 2 weeks. We apologize for the mixup.


It’s been almost a month since you said two weeks, not to mention 6 MONTHS SINCE THE FIRST HALF OF MY DUET PACK ARRIVED and still no instrument one or tracking info or anything.

I Hate getting adversing emails saying they are available because I assume they are not availed BECAUSE “I’m top of the list” and I’m still waiting so logically you DON’T have any white ones available? Ehh?

And now all my emails are getting ignored, I would accept any form of honestly in a reply, just let me know why, cause I don’t see how you guys haven’t had ANY to give me in 6 months, you mustn’t want to give me my second one for some reason.


Chris Danvers



And I just received ANOHTER email ad saying the are availble! p


I think the whole company is probably going bottoms up. I noticed that Amazon isn’t even selling the I1’s new any longer. The only listings are all used instruments from ‘other resellers’. SAD!

Unfortunately, they still owe me my Nashville, but I gave up on that way back. If they can’t even sell the cheaper I1’s on a site like Amazon then there isn’t much chance or future. It is unfortunate for Kickstarter too, after this embarrassing investment in faith I have sworn off any kind of crowdfunding–just not worth the risk of investing in a company that willingly screws its investors. Best to just see if it actually goes to market and is adopted before buying a Beta-Max!