Strum Pads Don’t Work


The strum pads on my Instrument 1 suddenly stopped working (when plugged into my Mac or my iPad), so I can no longer pick or strum. Any ideas on how to get them working again?


Never come across this one! You probably need a one-on-one ticket to get this one figured out (drop an e-mail to [email protected]), but a few obvious questions:

  1. Does tap mode still work?
  2. If you cycle through the onboard presets with the knob and back to the built-in guitar, does the light for that display normally?
  3. Does it make any difference to go into single-channel mode?


I have a similar problem after unboxing.

  1. Tap works
  2. If I cycle through the presets back to built-in guitar, if displays normally
  3. Tried on iphone, where there is no channel option
    On mac similar problems


The channel setting on iPhone is under the Artiphon logo at top right in the main screen; scroll down to the first item in the MIDI settings section. With luck it’ll resolve the issue, or at worst it’ll rule out that this is what’s causing it.


Thank you, I just checked and those are the exact settings that are currently set on the iPhone


Try switching to Multichannel – it probably won’t make a difference, but any effect it does have may help with figuring out the source of the problem. I take it you’re currently able to get sound from the iPhone in Tap mode but not in Strum?


Yes I am currently able to get sound from the iPhone in Tap mode but not in Strum.

I have updated firmware
and also tried switching between multi and single channel modes and all instruments with no luck


Very puzzling! Do the bridge triggers produce any sound in tap or bowed mode, or are they completely unresponsive in any mode?


They produce no sound in any mode
For example: I tried using them in drum mode as well and there are no tom sounds coming from the strum buttons. Bow mode I get no sound, because I don’t know how to get sound without the strum buttons working.


That does sound like a hardware problem, unless there’s something we’re both missing. So sorry not to have been able to figure something out, but do contact [email protected] if you haven’t already; they’ll be able to advise you on what to do next. This is a really unusual issue and I hope there’s a way to fix it without having to send the instrument in.


Thank you for trying and being so responsive.
I have contacted support


For anyone reading up on this, I was in a similar situation - zero activity coming from the strum triggers, as if they alone weren’t working, on any device (tried on ableton on a PC and a Mac, and using the Artiphon iOS app). Tap functionality was all ok.

I found plugging it in on Mac and, in the artiphon application, going to “Help”>“Restore Instrument 1 Firmware” solved the problem. Firmware was already up to date, but restoring it seemed to rejig the strum controllers and get them working again.

Hope this helps someone!