Syntorial on sale


Somewhat under the radar, Syntorial has a half-price weekend sale. This is the cheapest it’s ever been. You need to buy through the website rather than in-app, and then you get the desktop version and a code for the iOS version. If you’re hesitating, the first five chapters are free, so you can just download it anyway and see if it’s for you. For more see this thread from last year, when it wasn’t as deeply discounted.


Syntorial is one of the best learning tools I’ve ever encountered, so a good idea and perfectly implemented too. On top of that you also get their synth and video packs for Serum, Sylenth and a few other synths as bonus.


This looks great! Thanks for posting.


Another half-price sale, not this time through the Syntorial website but via a (legit-looking, though new to me) third-party vendor:


Back on half price for a 2019 Black Friday sale till Monday (2 December).


Not quite half price this time, but if you enter the code STUCK-AT-HOME at the desktop checkout you get 40% off. I think this is valid till the end of March.