The Bridge board not working


Just got my instrument 1 from a friend who’s claimed to have never used it, I try to use it and the board won’t register which string I’m playing. I can play piano and drums, but that’s it. I wonder if anyone is having the same problem and was able to fix it… Hopefully I can enjoy this wonderful device soon!

Bridge issue

That’s odd! What happens with the guitar preset, and with the Tap Guitar and Grid Guitar presets in the Artiphon app/editor?


It’s almost as if it doesn’t register, like it’s broken. I don’t know it well enough to say that it actually is. I just thought that it was supposed to work from out of the box, it’s all updated and everything. :confused:


If you’re able to get sound on the pad-style presets, it’s most likely just an issue with your channel settings. You don’t say what device and app you’re using for sounds, but have you tried switching between multichannel and single channel in the Artiphon app/editor?


It’s not working at all. :confused: I don’t know what I am doing wrong.


So when the piano & drums are working, what device are you connected to, and what app is producing the sound?