The USB disconnections are a pain


I really dislike the placement of the usb connection - I wish you had used blueTooth or Wify.

It really has made me hate this device.
In the creative flow… “Dink Donk” - device disconnected.
Have to reboot the DAW, and rinse and repeat.
I’m seriously thinking about opening this up and hard-wiring it.
Out of the whole design, this is it’s biggest flaw.
I would use it a lot more, but now, it just infuriates me. Getting fed up with it.

Sorry for the Neg vibe but it really is doing my head in.


Have your tried an angled USB cable? I’m not a fan of the stick-out version in that position either (though I don’t know where else I’d put it), but any sort of angled mini-USB mostly gets rid of the problem. (And of course you can always stick a rubber band round it or even tape it if it’s still pulling away, though I’ve never found I needed to.)


I have so far worked around cables. Full disclosure, I still use an instrument cable on my guitar so I may be used to having a cable attached to an electronic/electronic instrument like the I1.

To be fair Bluetooth Midi is gaining ground now. BT 4 and 5 are far more stable than the Bluetooth available when Instrument 1 was introduced. Wireless MIDI introduces latency which would have been unusable on earlier versions for my usage. Newer technology seems to have less lag.

I know there seem to be low latency wireless midi solutions offered up by Roland and CME Pro but mostly 5 PIN din from what I’ve seen. Cables are replaced with a modern BT dongle transmitter/receiver.

The new Orba looks like it has it BT Midi. What mod do you or add on do you have in mind? Is there something to plug into I1 you are thinking of?


Glued an adapter cable with Sugru to Instrument 1, better connection, better placement, ugly but it’s mine.


That’s a good idea! I have the cable to do it.
To tell the truth, I did try Nick’s elastic band idea and it was a lot better. It never failed during my session anyway! But I think I will copy your mod Bart. Thanks!


You’re welcome, previous mod was paining the fretboard with leather paint, next will be something to cover the ‘string triggers’…