This Firmware v1.0.37 update really improves my Instrument 1!


I had some trepidation about using the Instrument 1 Editor at first as I was not too impressed with it initially with it not playing any sound and all. When I connected my I1 and ran the Editor, sure enough there was the message to run the Firmware upgrade. I tried running it once and it stalled just after it started to show the little red progress line. I exited the Editor and replugged everything and rebooted my pc. Then I connected my I1 to the pc, turned it on and ran the Editor again. This time it worked and installed flawlessly! I felt very pleased but not as pleased as when I ran my double bass in Kontakt 5 Player and my I1 worked so much better! I really would not have believed it if I had not done it myself. It’s like the difference between playing a $500 violin and a $5000 violin. Thank you so much to the Artiphon engineers for sticking with it! I am looking forward to more software instruments, better Android support and future firmware upgrades.


Thank you for the feedback!