Traveling with the Artiphon


I am currently traveling around Europe on a summer vacation. I decided to take the Artiphon along with my MacBook Pro and NI Maschine Mikro. I have been posting photos of this setup in different locations on Instagram @wayneleechford. First of all, I have had the Instrument 1 for about 8 months now, so I really have a feel for it. As a guitarist, it has been a great writing tool for my electronic music projects. However, I wish it was a bit smaller. It is too big for airplanes in a 22" carry-on. It does not fit in my 22" suitcase. I ended up checking a bag just so I could take the Artiphon on-board as a carry on. I normally do not check any bags because of the hassle and cost involved. So, it would be great if the instrument was a little shorter. Also, I am not a fan of the on-board speakers. They do not sound good. I would not mind of they were not there at all. I never use the instrument that way. And, then the instrument could be shorter and fit in a 22" suitcase! But, it is great to have my Instrument 1 with me on trips. For now, I will make the sacrifice. It’s worth it.


It depends on the case; it’s a tight fit, and a soft case is easier than a rigid one, but you can get it diagonally into a “cabin size” bag. I use a Cabin Zero backpack, with the I1 stuffed in a long winter sock with the velcro separator pad from the I1 case protecting the fingerboard, and the rest of the case folded down small inside the backpack. It’s fantastic to have with you on the plane; it’s compact enough that you can play it in an airline seat without disturbing your neighbour. Will has a great video showing how it’s done.


Ha, thanks Nick, and thanks for sharing the great pictures Wayne! Hope you’re enjoying the vacation!

I’ve flown a lot with both the INSTRUMENT 1 in its soft case and my backpack and I’ve never had a problem. I’ve flown with guitars often too, and I know airlines have a rule where they must allow you to carry on musical instruments.


Non-US carriers (to whom the instruments rule doesn’t apply) tend to be fussier, particularly the budget airlines – though I’ve been to quite a lot of countries (and continents) now with the I1 and the only airport where I’ve actually been challenged was Dublin. (Mercifully for them, I wasn’t actually asked to demonstrate it in performance.) Looking through the US regs, which only ever seem to make reference to analogue instruments, I can see an interesting ambiguity looming over the status of electronic instruments if the “laptop ban” ever gets extended to flights from Europe, as was at more than one stage mooted…


I also travel with my I1, it fits (just!) diagonally in my Barracuda carry-on. The case’s built-in tray comes in handy at airports too. Here’s a pic from Dublin with SampleTank on iPad Mini:


Been loving your instagrams, Wayne! We enjoyed including some in this month’s community roundup.


I fly with mine as a carryon. I just put it in my backpack and it sort of stick out the top, and I take it out once I am in the plane to put it more carefully in the overhead.

I for one like having the speakers, and wish they would add some basic software to the actual device so that it had the basic guitar functions…so I can play in the park without connecting it to anything.


I agree with you that in the sense that i think only one speaker would be great, also a placement change on the instrument selector dial.