USB Expression pedal?


Are there any expression pedals I can connect directly to my PC to control the volume of I1? I want one to control the volume or vibrato better cuz the volume nob on the I1 “jumps”(like 5 to 10 to 15) on each turn and the tilt function is really hard to keep it on the same level.


I use an iRig blueboard for page turns on the excellent forScore app.

The blueboard has two TRS sockets for expression pedals which can be configured to midi cc numbers.

Hope this helps.



Not quite the thing I was looking for but thanks. I just bought the Line 6 FBV Express MKII and it works great.


Not sure if you have any guitar based expression pedals with TRS (tip/ring/sleeve) connections but I use one with a USB foot switch that has an expression pedal input. That way the pedal and buttons can be midi mapped to the controls you want.

I posted awhile back on my set up. I mapped the buttons to act like a loop pedal in the Loopy HD app: