Hey, everyone.

I know that charging my INSTRUMENT 1 with anything other than the given adapter is not suggested. That being said, is there any kind of cable that would allow me to charge it via USB port without damaging it? I am in a weird fun life situation where I actually don’t have a working outlet, as God is real and she hates me.


First off, I have absolutely no expertise in this area. I seems to me that it’s not the cable but what you plug it in to. The back of the power adapter will tell you what the output is and therefore what the I1 expects as power input. However, getting that from a USB port might be problematical. Besides, you would need some sort of adapter to fit the power cord input on the I1.

If you don’t have a working outlet, you must have some sort of alternative power source, otherwise this whole discussion is meaningless. If you have a DC power source, like a car, you might be able to use an inverter to convert DC to AC and plug the I1 charger into that. No idea if the output would be what you need or whether it would be dangerous to the I1. Caveat emptor.