While charging blinks red/blue


I got mine second handed with a non-original charger. When I plug it in for charging, the light flashes red for half a second, then blue, then again red, etc.

The manual does not specifies such behavior: https://artiphon.com/instrument-1-manual/

Is the charger incompatible?

Thank you.


I don’t know what the flashing means, but I also sometimes see that with a third-party charger, though generally at the end rather than the start of a charge, and if I unplug it and plug it in again it reverts to the normal steady blue. If that isn’t happening with yours then you’ll probably need to try a different charger, though it could of course be the instrument that’s faulty. Artiphon advise against using third-party chargers, though I think that’s largely because they’re worried about people using the wrong voltage (it needs to be 12v or it won’t work and could damage your instrument). Check that the specs on your adapter look something like this:

Power adapter/supply electrical current draw?
Power supply
Power adapter source in UK

The INSTRUMENT 1 should only be used with its original power supply. Using a 3rd party power supply can seriously damage the unit.


It’s possible your instrument will no longer be functional.

Feel free to contact for further support: [email protected].




Support is contacted, thank you.