Wireless setup


I’ve been testing today this wireless setup, and seems to work fine. This is a Yamaha UD-BT01, a Sotabeams usb battery keep alive and a cheap slim 5000 mAh battery. I stuck everything on the back with gaffer tape, and since I set up the keep alive chipset to draw 0,1A it will last a good amount of time.

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Brilliant! Never got this to work – looks as if the keepalive may be the missing ingredient. (Here’s the link for anyone who fancies giving it a try; note that you’ll probably want the more expensive Built rather than Kit option unless you’re happy to solder it together yourself.)


I can confirm that this works a treat. My battery pack was powering off with the UD-BT01 connected directly, but the Sotabeams keep-alive load was the charm. Here’s a PDF link to the assembly and use instructions; I found a single quarter-turn on the potentiometer was sufficient. Latency is entirely within acceptable limits even when playing fast. It of course plays through the iPad output rather than the I1, because it’s a MIDI-only link and can’t send audio back to the I1. I’m using Korg’s Bluetooth MIDI Connect app rather than the Yamaha one; haven’t got it to work in Apollo.


Yep, it works very well. Thanks for sharing the Sotabeams info and assembly instructions! Now, the second part of the story.

I ordered some days ago a CME Widi Bud. It’s quite expensive (+50€, https://www.thomann.de/es/cme_widi_bud.htm) but in fact the latency reduction is notable and it provides automatic bt pairing (no need to use the audio midi config/korg bt midi app anymore) which was important, as I want to use it in live sets.

But the most lovely part came when I plugged the Widi Bud in my axoloti ( http://www.axoloti.com/ ) and loaded a USB-MIDI to MIDI-DIN converter. It works like a charm. So now I have a BT midi receiver for any of my synths :slight_smile:


This is gold. The Axoloti looks completely mental.